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It seems like just a few years ago when being a cold-blooded geek was an automatic no-no in terms to a healthy social life. Due to the advent of the Internet and the information era, it must have dawned on people that the geeks were the architects of the modern world. Be geeky and be proud! Here are some cool tips on designing your own geeky bedroom and choosing your bedroom furniture.


We can all agree that whether you are a television, radio, or comic book geek, you would spend time on the Internet checking out forums and such. Some factors to consider when you purchase bedroom-side computers are uniqueness and functionality. The general rule is: the more monitors and the larger the monitors, the better as to achieve maximum stimulus from the different websites you will visit. For anime and comic book geeks, you might want to invest in a tablet-based computer so you can write and draw your masterpieces there. This might seem controversial but if space is a premium, check out if you can purchase one of those All-in-One PCs. I'm pretty sure some of us are now checking out bedroom furniture stores online.


This of course transitions into choosing good desks and end tables for your bedroom. Check for awesome bedroom furniture sets online - it might be something from Star Trek's Enterprise or a few swashbuckling drawers from the anime show One Piece. And of course, to suit the mechanical geek's taste, there's nothing more satisfying than making your own bedroom furniture! Check the different types of bedroom furniture online to see if there are do-it-yourself kits for the type of bedroom you are thinking of creating. You can even start with conventional desk and end-table designs and eventually add your individual tastes after!


The choice of bed would seem like a formality to some of us geeks (I mean seriously, who would sleep if you had the opportunity to watch TV and play video games all day) but a few practical tips would be for it to be easy to clean (think dry cleaning) and the material involved. Remember, you want to optimize as much as possible the sleeping time to wake up fully reenergized.  As an additional thought, check if you can find the same bedroom furniture set for your bed as your computer desks, end tables, and the like. You might want to check out if there is a possibility for a secret compartment - just in case.


And finally, the pieces de resistance, the artworks and the models that you choose to display. Shelves are definitely something to invest in or make you - ditto to choosing beautiful picture frames for your posters and paintings. Try to invest in balance between the different aspects of the room - you might want to check out the concept of focal points, or using something to attract the viewers' first stares.  Try a few of these tips the next time you buy bedroom furniture, geeks!


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Designing for any type of bedroom furniture requires thoughtful planning and a couple visits to different bedroom furniture stores in search of the perfect resting space!

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Designing a Geek Bedroom

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This article was published on 2010/11/04