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The bedroom is the most intimate energizing room of the house. We must sleep, and the better the quality of our sleep, the better the quality of our days.

A bedroom may be someone's only private space; "my room" as children say. The bedroom is also where intimacy between couples happens, and problems "in the bedroom, whether they are sexual or not, can be attributed to problems with how the space is arranged. Bedrooms should be prodominately of "yin" energy, so minimizing yang influences (including how you use the room aside from sleep) are important for good feng shui chi.

In this article we'll review what to avoid in a bedroom, how to fix problems that can't be avoided, and how to make your bedroom's feng shui as ideal as possible.

The ideal Feng Shui bedroom is East, southeast, west, northwest or north of the center of the house or apartment. In other words, avoid having bedrooms that are south, southwest or northeast of the center of the house.

Things to Avoid in the Bedroom

Exercise and office equipment or work and workout spaces
Do not have a home office or a workout space in your bedroom. Both these activities are very yang, and will disrupt sleep. If you must have exercise equipment or office materials in your bedroom, cover them at night so you won't see (or, hopefully think about) them.

Do not have a tv in your bedroom. This disrupts sleep as well, but is even more for the health of your relationship. You want to be connecting with and being close to your partner in the bedroom, not distracted by tv in the background. The electromagnetic waves a tv gives off aren't a good influence, either.

Mirrors relfect chi back at you while you sleep and make it difficult to get rid of old emotions.

Sharp edges and corners
Don't use furniture with sharp edges in a bedroom, or plants with jagged leaves. Smooth and round is best for feng shui bedrooms.

Shiny, hard surfaces
Mirrors, marble-covered tables and metal will speed up chi energy - that's just the opposite of what you want when you're slowing down for sleep.

Beds on the floor
Its better to have a boxspring bed supported up so the air and chi can move below it. If you must have storage under the bed, make sure its sleep-related stuff you're storing, and that you don't need to access it too often. If you are trying to get pregnant, don't clean under the bed - let the chi acculumate there.

King size mattresses
You can still have them, of course, but the construction of king size beds requires a split right down the center of the bed where the two box springs come together. Not good for becoming one with your partner. To heal the break, wrap the two box springs together in a big piece of red fabric or get a fitted sheet that covers them together. Then put the mattress back on top.

Electrical equipment and outlets
Avoid having an outlet or wires near your head as you sleep.

Unmade beds during the day
Many traditions, including Feng Shui, consider it bad energy to leave beds unmade.

Things to Have in the Bedroom

Being able to see the sunrise from your bed brings excellent feng shui energy.

A round metal vase of red flowers
Place this in the west side of the room to enhance amorous feelings.

Wooden bed frames and headboards
Both neutralize the flow of chi energy, and especially slow its flow around your head, which is good for sleep.

Natural fiber bedding
Silk, cotton and linen are the best choices to sleep in. If possible, pick shades of pink or rose with circular patterns.

Uncluttered space
This applies to all parts of the house, but having an orderly bedroom is especially helpful for sleep.

A bed pointing in an optimal direction
Its good to have your head pointing north (especially if you are older), east (especially for children). A southeast position will help with creativity and communication. If your head points southwest you may experience more settled relationships in your life. Pointing west can be excellent for both good sleep, romance and increasing your income. If you want to feel more in control of your life, try moving your bed so your head points northwest.
Do not place your bed so your head points either northeast or south. The energy from both these directions is powerful and active and can be unstable. It can cause nightmares or anxiety.

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Feng Shui for the Bedroom

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This article was published on 2010/09/17